Hello everyone and welcome to my blog that captures my adventures from United States of America and Canada. My name is Alice and I am from the Czech Republic where I study Teaching English and French at the Faculty of Education and I am currently studying in Sudbury, Ontario for one year as an exhchange student.

My biggest passion in my life is traveling and getting to know people from various cultural background. I am not a typical backpacker who would walk round the whole Earth, indeed, I have concentrated on going to the Lone Star State in America – Texas. So far, I have been there four times and because it has always been a unique adventure which is worthy of sharing with the others, I have decided to set up this site, to explain where it all began.

I am also a big fan of taking pictures so I am happy to share with you the photos I take when discovering the US and Canada.

To make the blog accessible for as many people as possible, certain articles are in English, some others in French, and of course some in Czech. This concept is actually a good language exercise not only for my students.

Hopefully, this site will be a pleasant read amongst the wealth negative news nowadays.