So, now when you know that I am going to travel to the West Coast, it is time to explain why I will go to Texas for one month. The answer could be simple: travelling. However, it is more than „just“ travelling. Indeed, I have got an official invitation to come to Texas present my final thesis about the Czech immigration to Texas that I had been writing this year.

To explain: everything actually started last year, when I was collecting in Texas all kind of materials for the thesis. To get more information about my thesis, go to the post called Bachelor Thesis.

So when searching for some materials last year, I met Susan Chandler, the director of Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center in Temple (Central Texas),who was so thrilled about my enthusiasm for this topic that she  invited me to come back next year to give a presentation about my thesis. This is something I really could not turn down and so this is the reason I am going to Texas this summer again.

In fact, Susan was such a great person that she started to organise for me a „Texas Tour“ and so I am scheduled to present at five events throughout Texas. The events will be held at the Czech Heritage Museum in Temple, at the Texas Czech Heritage and Genealogy Center in La Grange, at the Czech Center Museum in Houston and in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. The last presentation, the most challenging one for me, will be held at Baylor University in Waco where I am supposed to speak in front of many students. Alright, all the presentations will be challenging for me, because speaking English in front of English native speakers will not be the easiest thing. Yet, I love these kinds of challenges in my life.

This picture was taken in West, a small town in Central Texas, which played a crucial role for the life of the Czech immigrants.





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