1. Canada is like The United States. Only a little bit cooler (LITERALLY) and less hysterical.
  2. Cold and snowy winters are perfect, but in the pictures, not in the reality. And not six months in a row.
  3. English and French will never be equal here, even though they are supposed to be.
  4. the fight of Francophone communities for their language is admirable.
  5. Point number four excited my interest so much, that I am writing a diploma thesis about the struggles of French community in Sudbury.
  6. Skating on ice is more fun thanks to tons of ice crackers where your skate gets easily stuck.
  7. For some people, we will always be Czechoslovakia. Actually, some people still have no idea about our existence.
  8. There is no tradition Canadian cuisine (EXCEPT OF QUEBEC POUTINE)

In August 2017 I arrived to Sudbury in Ontario to spend two semesters at the Laurentian University via ISEP program. The whole stay was like a roller-coster. There were moments when I wanted NOTHING but to go home, but when looking back now, I have to admit that it was a priceless experience filled with new friendships and discoveries.

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I even decided to write my diploma thesis about a thriving French community in Sudbury. Before coming here, I didn’t even know there are Francophones outside of Québec. I am happy to discover and learn more about their culture and history. It is a new whole world for me.

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