Life in Canada.

In August 2017 I arrived to Sudbury in Ontario to spend two semesters at the Laurentian University via ISEP program. The whole stay was like a roller-coster. There were moments when I wanted NOTHING but to go home, but when looking back now, I have to admit that it was a priceless experience filled with new friendships and discoveries.

  1. Canada is like The United States. Only a little bit cooler (LITERALLY) and less hysterical.
  2. Cold and snowy winters are perfect, but in the pictures, not in the reality. And not six months in a row.
  3. English and French will never be equal here, even though they are supposed to be.
  4. The fight of the Francophone communities for their language is admirable.
  • 5. Point number four excited my interest so much, that I am writing a diploma thesis about the struggles of French community in Sudbury
  • 6. Skating on ice is more fun thanks to tons of ice crackers where your skate gets easily stuck.
  • 7. For some people, we will always be Czechoslovakia. Actually, some people still have no idea about our existence.
  • 8. There is no tradition Canadian cuisine (EXCEPT OF QUEBEC POUTINE).

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I even decided to write my diploma thesis about a thriving French community in Sudbury. Before coming here, I didn’t even know there are Francophones outside of Québec. I am happy to discover and learn more about their culture and history. It is a new whole world for me. My thesis (in French) is here:

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