I’ve recently taken up making very enlightening videos on YouTube…well OK, you can’t take what I am saying too literally. We all know that I can’t compete with the world-famous yutoubers at all. I am just having fun by making them – it’s always a big challenge to come up with some ideas and actually create that.

I’ve made two videos so far. One in English and the other in French. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THEM! You do not want to miss that! 


The English one is about making mistakes. It’s absolutely natural that as a non-native speaker we will always make mistakes. It’s actually a good news because by making them we are learning as well. I chose several of them that I used to say before coming to Canada. Have a look at that here


In the French one I am talking about French picture books. To me they are a great way how to learn a great amount of words and some useful phrases and expressions. The colorful and illustrative pictures help a lot. Check it here.


I make these videos because I simply like sharing with others one of my biggest passion in life – languages. I’ve been learning English and French for several years and I have still a big journey ahead to master them. It’s actually a never ending story. Although you think you’ve already reached a fairly good level, you can’t rest on yours laurels. You have to still work on yourself.

Brain is like a muscle – if you don’t train it, the knowledge you acquired will disappear.