Lecture at Baylor

My lecture at Baylor University entitled How Kolaches Came to Texas: A Social and Cultural History of Czech Migration took place 30th August 2016 and I must say it has been one of the best moments in my entire life.

It is quite difficult for me to find words which would adequatly describe my impressions from that event. It was just AWESOME! The audience was amiable, very supportive and also large – there were three hundred people. I was caugt off-gaurd by the fact that so many people showed up. The pride and determination of the Texans with Czech roots will never stop astonishing me. They like gathering and maintaining the Czech heritage.

I will never forget the moment I took the microphone into my hands and started speaking about a topic that has a soft spot on my heart – Czech migration to Texas.

After the lecture I had the opportunity to speak with the people who came and I appreciated a lot their kind words. It was a pleasure for me to chat with them. The lecture was definitely a huge success and it always brings a smile on my face when I think about it. Thanks once again for everybody who came.

Wanna watch the record of the lecture? Click here


Who would say that after my exchange stay at McLennan Community College in 2014,  I would go back to Waco in 2015 to spend time researching Czech history, and began work on an academic thesis on Czech immigration to Texas, which resulted in a series of lectures in 2016. Sometimes I cannot still believe that all this happened.

I would like to express my gratitude here to John and Kathy Hillman who did a marvelous job when organizing and promoting the lecture at Baylor. Nothing would have been possible without them. Their support during my whole stay played a crucial role. They gave me the best background I could ask for.

You can have a look at some pictures from the lecture that were taken by Sarah E.Lindstorm from Baylor University and you can also read this article published by Baylor newspapers.




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