It has been six weeks I am back at home. Even though, the very first days after my return were not really easy for me for multiple reasons, I quickly acclimatized myself to the Czech background. I started to attend a master program of Teaching English and French at Masaryk University in Brno, so I basically continue where I finished a couple of months ago. The good thing is my very good friends from the bachelor studies carry on as well, so I did not stay there alone.

I know I say it all the time, but this semester is really the busiest I have ever had. Not only do I go to my regular classes (that are even on Friday now, so bye-bye the lovely three days weekend I used to have), but I also continue teaching English classes (all together 17 language courses) and I go to a primary school twice a week to get my teaching practice. I could not give up the ballet classes either, so I put them to my time schedule as well. I get up around five almost every day, but I do not really mind. I am excited to know what each day will bring. As Baylor claims: future is now! Try getting up early as well tomorrow!

The master program is definitely much more about practice than theory and I appreciate that. We discuss a lot with our teachers the issue of teaching methods, didactics and nowadays kids in general. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to watch pupils at school. I am also supposed to teach them – there will be certainly one big separate article about this topic.

Talking about my classes, I actually shared with my students my Texas story and we read together some of the published articles about my journey and the presentations tour. I was pleased to see their interest in Czech heritage in Texas. Full of enthusiasm, I gave an interview to Masaryk University newspapers and I wrote to multiple publishing houses of the Czech newspapers to offer my story. Eventually, one article was released in online version of one of the biggest national newspapers. Quite success, I know, but the thing is they misinterpreted a bit my whole point and did not even dare to send it to me before publishing it. Cherry on top was the discussion under the article where I just reminded to myself how envious Czechs can be. Anyhow, I am more than happy to spread the history of Czech migration to Texas.

As I am saying, there is always something to talk about. I know I am not good at posting the articles these days because of the time, but trust me there is not a day I would not think about my summer in Texas and all my accomplishments and adventures I lived there.



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