1. FRIENDLY PEOPLE – The Americans are pretty unbelieavable – always willing to help, always smilling and indeed positive thinkers – no matter which idea I come up with, their reaction is always: „Thats awesome!“
  2. ENGLISH – I love speaking English and thus going to America is logically the best way for me to practise it. Moreover, its fun to compare the different accents and expressions by travelling to the various regions.
  3. KIND ATTITUDE – I can have the most stupid question in the world, yet, because the Americans patiently answer all my questions, I never feel like an idiot (which happens quite often in the Czech Republic).
  4. WAITERS IN THE RESTAURANTS – The quality of services might be comparable, however, the waiters behaviour is definitely NOT the same than what I am used to. Not only do they smile at me, but they also introduce themselves which makes the whole experience more personal.
  5. SHOP ASSISTANTS WHO SAY HI – Similar to the latter. I like that whatever shop I come in, the shop assistants there immediately say hi to me, smile and ask how I am. You wouldn´t believe how this can improve your day.
  6. PEANUT BUTTER & TRAIL MIX – I honestly dont know how I am able to survive without these two things when I am back at home.
  7. CHEAP CLOTHES – OK, I admit it, I love our spoiled consumer society and shopping is my favourite activity when travelling. Its always inspiring to discover the unknown brands for me in the US.
  8. DIVERSITY – I love the variety of the regions – there are lowlands, mountains, waterfalls, seas and parks in the US, there is really everything. Moreover, the rich diversity of nations and mix of cultures make the country original as well.
  9. WEARING PYJAMAS IN PUBLIC – This is really a unique thing. I can put anything on, go out and I can be sure no one will star at me. People simply do not care at all about your style.
  10.  PUTING THINGS IN A SHOPPING BAG – When buying food in a supermarket , I do not have to care about putting it to bags. There is usually one person at every cash desk who is in charge of it. So all I have to do is just pay…

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