Grand Canyon

DSC_0512I had been dreaming about visiting this place for ages and my dream came true eventually two days ago. We went there with a company making trips to Grand Canyon as we believed it would’ve been the easiest way to get there, and we were right. Even though we had to set off quite early, about 6am, thanks to jet lag, waking up was no problem at all as we were up already at 4am. So at least there is one thing jet lag is good for.

Before arriving to Grand Canyon, we did a short stop at Hoover Dam and also the well-known Route 66. Although the journey seemed never ending, after more than six hours, we finally got there and we could see it. Monumental, breathtaking, magic, mysterious, fabulous…there are not enough adjectives to describe this natural phenomenon. You will never actually believe how huge and impressive it is until you see it. Once I set eyes on it, I stayed speechless. You just stare at Canyon, which have been forming for billions of year, and little by little you realize how powerful nature is. Undoubtedly, it has been definitely one of my best experiences in my life so far.

Surprisingly it was not crowded, so we could walk, enjoy and take tons of pictures without any stress. There were French tourists (by the way there are really lot of them here in the US), American and Chinese ones. And then two Czech girls. By the way people keep asking us where we are from when hearing us talking. When they say just“oh yes nice“ we know they have no idea where it is.

Last, but not least, I would like to share with you the experience of meeting the Amish – a group of people who live very simply, without electricity and all modern technology. We met them at Canyon so we were really wondering how they got there when they don´t use cars. Read something about them, it´s quite interesting.


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