Los Angeles


Hello everyone! We made it safely to Los Angeles. The journey was absolutely great even though we did not know what to expect as we were taking a bus. Nobody travels by bus in the US, it´s somewhat unusual for the Americans. Yet, it was really comfortable. The bus was modern and it was not full, so we could sit whenever we wanted. When you travel by bus, you also didn´t have to worry about the weight limit of your luggage and plus you can see the landscape by looking out of the window. The funny fact was that it was bus of a Chinese company, so there were just the Chinese people (driver included) and us. Actually, it turned out to be a perfect thing, because Chinese prefer „normal“ air-conditioning, so we didn´t freeze for once. The Americans are crazy about their super cold air-conditioning. Thus, we were indeed very satisfied, even better than plane, I would say.

The hotel we are staying in is very cute. So far, I have liked it, but there is one thing I hate, there is NO air-conditioning, which means that you sleep and permanently sweat, so in the morning you dont feel very fresh. It´s not so hot like in Vegas, but it´s still over 30 degrees so we would be glad for any air-conditioning. Actually, we have just a fan.

Today, it´s the first full day for us, so we are excited about discovering this city. I´ll post some pics later. Bye for now.

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