Life in Sudbury

What I truly like about living here is the beatiful landscape. Whenever you feel like doing some hiking, you have multiple trails to choose from. You can set off wherever and cannot be disappointed. Now when the fall is coming and the trees are changing colours, the scenery is getting even more splendid.



Sudbury itself is not definitely a super lively metropolis, but it has its easy-going and placid atmosphere. The downtown counts a few blocks of streets altogether with a few cafés and restaurants. So far, my favorite is one coffee house with cool places to sit down and chat or just relax. You can also sit outside, but the vast majority of people prefer to be inside. There could be seen a stark difference between Europe and America.

Some of you might know that I am a big fan of ballet. I have been practising it for two years in the Czech Republic and I am really glad to continue here in Canada as well. I found one ballet class in downtown and even though I miss my teacher from Brno and her way of teaching, it is a good experience to attend this class and to see how the ballet is taught here.

I have also joined a dance swing club at the university. We meet every Wednesday evening and learn swing steps. After lesson there is so called social dancing and you can dance and chat with the others. It is one of my ways to integrate among the Canadians.

Ice hockey is really a big thing here. It seems like everybody plays that sport. I went twice to the school matches – once for the women match and atmosphere was just great! It is only a bit complicated to get to the arena because of the inefficient public transportation but that is another story…



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