My mom, dad and sister came to Toronto so that we could all spend Christmas together.We had a wonderful time..but their journey to Canada turned out to be much more adventurous than we had expected.

Unfortunately, even though we booked the air tickets in summer, they were bumped out of their flight to Toronto because the flight was overbooked. Nobody was able to explain why they chose exactly my parents and my sister, but they just did and there was not much you could do at that moment there (unless you start being hysterical by screaming and kicking around yourself). So they got stranded in Amsterdam and had to spend there one night. The following day they were put on a flight to Calgary (really logical when you travel to Toronto) and there they had to change to another plain heading to Toronto.

They finally made it to Toronto and they opened the door of our house on Christmas Day at 2 AM (the were supposed to be there two days before) The moment when they finally opened the door of our a house where I was impatiently waiting was one of the most moving in my life…

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