As time passes by

The weather was still pretty much OK until October, but then IT came and IT is still here! Winter! Cold, cold, cold everywhere. Icy cold wind, freezing temperatures, snowstorms, more icy cold wind, more blizzards, even more freezing temperatures…OK, I am exaggerating now, it’s getting a bit warmer. However, I am emphasizing the word „a bit“. I’ve got the impression I will never ever feel warm enough. Even though freezing temperatures are not exceptional in the Czech Republic either, the significative difference is in their length. Wheres at my country it would be several days, here it is several months.

Persisting cold temperatures are definitely getting on my nerves. Never-ending putting on tons of layers, very dry skin, ceaseless runny nose, insufficient time spent outside…I honestly cannot wait the warmer days.

I decided to forgive winter for its misbehave, though. The scenery in winter here is simply magnificent and outstanding. Canadian winter might be annoying, but it is pretty photogenic…!


I successfully finished the last semester with all A’s. No, I am not showing off…Alright, maybe a bit. However, I am definitely proud of this accomplishment. It was not easy at all to get used to a different system of evaluation here. Whereas at the Czech universities there is one final exam at the end of the semester, here in Canada you have to work on countless and quite uneasy tasks during the whole term (which reminds me of the system at high schools). The final exam then counts only for 30 % of the final grade.

Don’t ask me how I survived the whole term…I would like

I am heading to the very end of the second semester. This time I have signed for three classes instead of four (work on my diploma thesis is regarded as the fourth one).






Looking at the list of classes, one can probably guess that I like French-Ontario. Bingo! I do and I even decided to write a thesis about a thriving French community in Sudbury. Before coming here, I didn’t even know there are Francophones outside of Québec. I am happy to discover and learn more about their mentality,  way of living and culture. It is a new whole world for me. Living in Sudbury has been an eyeopener. And that is what travelling is all about.



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