It’s been really looooong time since my last post here. Based on the blogging break it might look like my life suddenly stopped. Ha! Contrary is the case. There has been happening a lot: finishing on my terms, graduating, looking for a job, working in one company, working in another, becoming a language freelance teacher, moving out, moving in, getting my doggie Hugo and much more!

Meanwhile, some virus decided to grace us with its presence and to take control over – literally – everything. You might’ve heard about it. I guess it’s called …. Covid 19? Yes, that Covid! Well, we will soon celebrate 2 years together! Yahoo!

Anyway, traveling and going to new places is such a passion for us that even this little enemy didn’t stop us.

OK, traveling got its ass kicked … many countries simply closed their borders, if they didn’t they introduced strict restrictions and you easily lost your motivation to go anywhere. Luckily, there have still been places to visit.

First, we set out for a journey to Zanzibar.

Few months later, we went to Seychelles.

In summer we flew to Rhodes in Greece.

Dubai was our next destination.

Last but not least, we landed in Mauritius.

5 beautiful destinations, 5 different stories. I loved exploring each of these places yet, Zanzibar has stuck in my mind as the most exciting experience. Read more about this adventure here!

On the other hand, Seychelles, a beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean, have stuck in my mind as the strangest experience. In order to enter the country you had to test negative for Covid 19 – until here nothing abnormal. However, before flying home we had to undergo another testing. And the test of my boyfriend turned out to be … positive. Well, the word inconvenient is not enough to describe the situation. He had to stay there in a complete isolation one more week. Strangely enough, I was allowed to go home. What an adventure to travel back home on my own, especially the ride with a taxi driver from the hotel to the airport at night through a forest …LOL. I survived! 🙂 Nevertheless, we doubt my boyfriend was actually Covid positive. He had absolutely no symptoms and his test seemed to be fake…Anyway, the pictures I took help me to forget this bitter-sweet memory.

Sharing some more pictures from Rhodes, Dubai and Mauritius. Different places, different atmosphere.

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