Laurentian University

It has been one month since I arrived to Sudbury in Ontario to spend two semesters at the local university. I would like to tell you more about the university and the region where I am currently living.

The official name of the city is Greater Sudbury (Grand Sudbury in French), but everybody shortens it to Sudbury. There are approximately 160, 000 inhabitans of whom 40% speak both English and French. The city is undoubtedly bilingual since anywhere you go, everything is always written in both English and French. In

provincesgeneral, you can hear English more often, but if you wish to speak French, you can always try it and see if the person will react in French too.

Ontarion, which is located east from Quebec, is one of ten provinces in Canada. The map might be helpful 🙂 Both Ottawa and Toronto are located there. Ontario is also the most populous province (13.5 milions of people). Ontario is divided into Northern and Southern, where the majority of people live. Sudbury is located in the Northern region right here.


I have started studying at the Laurentian University which is a francophone university founded in 1960. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests with an infinite number of trails. With 9,000 students it is considered to be a mid-sized university in Canada. There are several libraries, resource centers and study rooms at the campus, as well as gyms, a swimming pool and a sauna for people fancy doing sports which makes the campus highly attractive. There are also various residences for students who wish to live at the campus. I live at the MSR Residence which stands for Mature/Married Student Residence. I believe this residence is the best one as you have your own apartment only for yourself and privacy is guarantee.


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